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The industry leading stereoscopic 3D grading and mastering plugin for After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro and now Premiere Pro.

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The best way to work stereoscopically in Final Cut Pro X

  • 3D Toolbox Screen
  • Use Stereo3D Toolbox version 4 with Final Cut Pro X via unique and intuitive on-screen controls. The primary analysis modes provide standard viewing options as well as exclusive display modes previously only available in the award-winning Stereo3D CAT. The new on-screen controls are also compatible with After Effects CS6 and Motion.*

    On-Screen Controls

    On-Screen Controls

  • Parallax Line Guides

    Parallax Line Guides

    The Parallax Percentage Line Guides provide a simple overlay of custom or calculated screen parallax line guides that can be set to any desired opacity. This helps the stereoscopic grader judge the overall parallax in the scene while making convergence adjustments.

  • Parallax Inspector

    Parallax Inspector

    The Parallax Inspector allows the user to magnify and examine the actual parallax in the scene, which is clearly outlined in easy-to-see red and cyan. It also provides a simple measuring device that helps you determine if your parallax is within native divergence limits of any given screen size or custom percentage value.

  • Depth Analysis

    Depth Analysis

    If you need to quickly set convergence and determine where objects are in 3D space, just activate Depth Analysis mode. Green outlines indicate objects that are behind the screen plane and red in front. A quick adjustment to the Depth Analysis opacity slider reveals vertical disparities in blue/magenta.

  • Geometric and Colorimetric Image Balance made simple

  • The Geometric Alignment Mode allows for convergence adjustment and alignment of vertical, keystone, tilt, zoom and rotation disparities. All settings can be animated over time with standard keyframes.

    Geometry Correction

    Correcting Geometric Disparities with On-Screen Controls

    Balanced Exposure and Color

    The Stereo3D Toolbox scopes present both the left and right signals simultaneously, allowing for accurate colorimetric balance of both eyes. Intuitive "ping-pong" sliders finely adjust both eyes at the same time, meaning less overall correction. Corrections are easy to compare when using the checkerboard display mode. Exposure disparities and beamsplitter tint can be repaired quickly and easily.

  • Dashwood 3D Chart

    Image balance in post-production is even easier when DSC Labs' Dashwood senior size chart is photographed before each setup, allowing for precise calibration using Stereo3D Toolbox's waveform and vectorscope with 2X gain.

    Waveform Vectorescope

    Stereoscopic Waveform and Vectorscope Monitor Windows

  • Virtual Floating Window Control

  • Floating Window Control

    Floating Windows are a necessary tool in stereoscopic mastering if objects in 'theatre space' break the left or right edge of the frame. The floating window control in Stereo3D Toolbox allows the user to simply drag pointers for the left and right edge of each eye to the desired position. The floating window positions can also be animated via standard keyframe control in After Effects, Motion or Final Cut Pro.

  • Floating Window Control
  • Z-Depth Map Mode for 2D to 3D Dimensionalization

  • The Z-Depth Mode of Stereo3D Toolbox allows for extensive manipulation of depth maps. Depth Maps can be restricted to a user-asiignable Luma Range and then used to convert 2D sources to 3D. The amount of pixel displacement can be controlled with the displacement slider. The new Extrusion preview mode rendered a 3D perspective of the how depth will be applied to the 3D image.

  • Z-Depth Map
  • Filters
  • Full Resolution Output

    Stereo3D Toolbox version 4 includes special "identifier" filters for managing discreet left and right eye sources, and allows for full resolution left or right eye output when used with the suggested workflow. Managing, editing and mastering stereoscopic clips is easy when used in conjunction with Final Cut Pro X's automatic synchronize compound clip feature.

  • And so much more!

  • Of course Stereo3D Toolbox still has the all of the award-winning features like Ghost Toaster, patent-pending preview modes like Anaglyph Edge Outline, and the ability to move any 2D layer in 3D depth while maintaining the alpha channel. Try it for yourself by downloading and installing FxFactory, or watch the in-depth walkthrough video.

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    Stereo3D Toolbox

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