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Built for stereographers by stereographers,
the award-winning Stereo3D CAT system is
an indispensable calibration & analysis tool.

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Affordable 3D Monitoring and Powerful Analysis Features

  • You can monitor your 3D content directly on your Mac screen and external display. The primary analysis window provides numerous adjustable viewing options including anaglyph, side by side, line by line, difference, 50/50, checkerboard, and split-screen. It can also be presented in full screen for clutter-free monitoring.

    Analysis Modes

    Award Winner

  • Parallax Line Guides

    Parallax Line Guides

    The Parallax Percentage Line Guides provide a simple overlay of custom or calculated screen parallax line guides that can be set to any desired opacity. This mimics the primary 3D analysis feature usually found on small and expensive 3D monitors, but it is available even in the free version of Stereo3D CAT.

  • Parallax Inspector

    Parallax Inspector

    The Parallax Inspector allows the user to magnify and examine the actual parallax in the scene, which is clearly outlined in easy-to-see red and cyan. It also provides a simple measuring device that helps you determine if your parallax is within native divergence limits of any given screen size or custom percentage value.

  • Depth Analysis

    Depth Analysis

    If you need to quickly set convergence and determine where objects are in 3D space, just activate Depth Analysis mode. Green outlines indicate objects that are behind the screen plane and red in front. A quick adjustment to the Depth Analysis opacity slider reveals vertical disparities in blue/magenta.

  • Lightning Fast Rig Alignments with Dashwood 3D Charts

  • The Alignment Tracker reads special markers on the Dashwood 3D Charts, accurately analyses the data, and then tells the rig tech exactly what adjustments need to be made for perfect alignment. This powerful feature removes the complexity of rig alignment, especially when using zoom lenses.

    iPhone Calibration

    Calibrating a rig with Stereo3D CAT and iPhone feedback

    Balanced Exposure and Color

    The Stereo3D CAT scopes present both camera signals on top of each other, allowing for accurate painting of color matrix and gamma in the cameras. The vectorscope also has a 2X Gain button for accurate color alignment with the Dashwood 3D senior size chart and other ChromaDuMonde charts from DSC.

  • Dashwood 3D Chart

    The senior size chart offers world-class colorimetry and gamma alignment, as well as rig alignment feedback via an integrated iPad. The budget frontbox version offers the same alignment data which can be broadcast to your iPhone or iPod Touch. In fact, anyone on the crew can launch the CAT Assistant iOS App and view alignment data in real-time.

    Waveform Vectorscope

    Stereoscopic Waveform and Vectorscope Monitor Windows

  • Rapid Stereoscopic Previsualization

  • Visualizer

    The Stereo3D Visualizer predicts parallax values, apparent distance, and object roundness for any given screen size and viewer distance. This is extremely helpful for protecting against eye strain when you don’t have a large screening room available while shooting. Just dial in your scene’s depth bracket and then choose the appropriate focal length and camera distance to achieve the desired effect. The Stereo3D Visualizer removes time wasted with on-set trial and error and allows stereographers to choose the right lens and camera distance within seconds. For the highest quality in 3D production, IMAX screen sizes and large format cameras (up to 15perf) are also supported by the Stereo3D Visualizer and the stereopsis panel.

  • Stereopsis Controls
  • Supports 3D Rigs and most 3D Cameras

  • Geometry PanelLogging Panel Mac Lineup
  • Rich MetaData

    If you have aligned your rig as closely as physically possible, but you need to instruct post production to make additional adjustments, just dial those adjustments into the Geometry panel. This is also useful if you are shooting with parallel lenses converged at infinity and you intend to do H.I.T. convergence in post. Stereo3D CAT can log all of the Geometry settings, Stereopsis Panel settings, slate information and vital statistics for each setup or each take. These meta data files can be passed on to post-production as text for CGI camera matching or they can be re-loaded by Stereo3D CAT to aid in re-shoots or pickups. The Stereo3D CAT logging panel can also save left and right still images for future reference. Stereographers can use these images to create 3D grading instructions when not available for the session.

    Capture Devices
  • Mobile Scalability from Production through Post

  • Large productions can integrate Stereo3D CAT into their existing convergence or DMT carts with MacPro and PCI capture cards. Stereographers can add Stereo3D CAT to their personal MacBooks with the addition of a compatible capture device. Post houses can integrate Stereo3D CAT into their 3D grading suites or as part of the quality control chain in the tape room. Camera Assistants and Rig Techs can use Stereo3D CAT and the Dashwood 3D chart in the camera testing bay during prep or while on-set.
    All HD video devices that support QuickTime capture can be used for Muxed side-by-side 3D or line-by-line 3D input into Stereo3D CAT. Blackmagic Design's DeckLink Extreme 3D or UltraStudio 3D devices allow for discreet left and right input via SDI or HDMI 1.4a.

  • The Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D requires a Thunderbolt-equipped Macintosh computer and genlocked left & right sources to capture discreet left and right signals. Decklink Duo and multiple Intensity cards support non-genlocked discreet input. Stereoscopic muxer hardware required for most other devices. iOS devices and Mac computer running Stereo3D CAT must be on the same WiFi network to communicate via Bonjour services. External output requires an available secondary displayport, HDMI or DVI connector for extended desktop connection. Discreet input of AJA products not supported(yet).
  • The Must-Have 3D Tool for Everyone!

  • Stereo3D CAT now has three licensing levels available for all scales of production. The Full license includes all the features of Stereo3D CAT. The Personal license includes major features to aid with alignment,analysis and monitoring of beam-splitter rigs using HD cameras. A Free license is automatically available to everyone and suitable for anaglyph monitoring, QuickTime playback, parallax line guides and fixed interaxial cameras from Panasonic, JVC or Sony. You can download and try out all of the features included in the full version for your first 15 launches. (Saving disabled) After the trial period Stereo3D CAT will be limited to the "Free" feature set.

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    Stereo3D CAT

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  • Functions and user interface subject to change and may not function exactly as shown. v1.1 Requires Mac OS X 10.6.3 or 10.7.1 . Apple, AJA, Blackmagic Design, DSC Labs, Matrox, JVC, Sony, Thunderbolt & Panasonic are registered trademarks of their respective third-party owners, and the use of such trademarks is for identification purposes only. Hardware & charts sold separately from software. Patents Pending.