The award-winning Stereo3D CAT 3D calibration and analysis system has been expanded to include a turnkey rack-mountable hardware/software solution

Toronto, Canada – August 28, 2012 – Dashwood Cinema Solutions, developer of stereoscopic software for the Mac, is pleased to announce the turnkey rack-mountable hardware version of Stereo3D CAT stereoscopic calibration and analysis software. Installation and setup of Stereo3D CAT is now easier than ever with the Stereo3D CAT 1U rack.

The Stereo3D CAT software has been well-received by the stereoscopic production industry,” said Tim Dashwood, founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions, “and now we’ve made it even easier to configure Stereo3D CAT in a production environment. The new turnkey solution will allow for the bundled hardware/software combo to be installed in any 1U rack-mount on typical DIT or convergence carts. Just plug 3D HD-SDI sources, monitor and mouse into it and it is ready for production.

Stereo3D CAT rack-mount bundle will be offered with either a Personal or Full license of software. The Personal license includes the same parallax line guides, left/right solo, anaglyph, split displays, QuickTime playback, Stereo3D Visualizer, Depth analysis, side-by-side, line-by-line, checkerboard, superimpose, difference, Parallax Inspector, Alignment Tracker, 3D waveform/vectorscope, variable interaxials and online technical support. Live geometry correction, metadata logging, IMAX screen sizes, external output and phone tech support are features only included with a Full license of Stereo3D CAT. Software-only licenses start at $1249.00 USD. Hardware/software rack-mount bundles start at $4499.00 USD.

Stereo3D CAT rack mount option

Stereo3D CAT turnkey BTO option

About Stereo3D CAT
Designed by stereographers for stereographers, the award-winning Stereo3D CAT system is an indispensable calibration, monitoring, and analysis tool for Mac OS X. Its features include the patent pending Alignment Tracker, Stereo3D VisualizerTM, Parallax InspectorTM, Parallax Line Guides, Depth Analysis, 3D Monitoring Modes, Stereoscopic Waveform/Vectorscope, Geometry Correction and Logging Meta Data Support. Stereo3D CAT supports input from any QuickTime compatible capture devices and Blackmagic Design’s Decklink Extreme 3D or UltraStudio 3D.

Stereo3D CAT availability
Stereo3D CATTM software is available now at www.dashwood3d.com/stereo3dcat.php
The free version and a 15-launch full-featured trial are available for immediate download. The rack-mount bundles will be available for purchase in Fall 2012. Please contact sales@dashwood3d.com for first-in-queue pre-order information.

Press Kit
A Press Kit with logos, screenshots and photos is available at http://www.dashwood3d.com/ Dashwood_Stereo3D_CAT_press_kit.zip

About Dashwood Cinema Solutions
A part of the Noise Industries Development Partner Program since 2009, Dashwood Cinema Solutions is an R&D wing of Tim Dashwood’s Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based production company that specializes in stereoscopic pre-visualization, music videos and film production. Dashwood Cinema Solutions’ mandate is to find solutions to common problems in film production and post-production. Their award-winning flagship product, Stereo3D ToolboxTM is utilized by post-production houses around the world for easy stereoscopic 3D mastering on the Mac platform. For more information about Dashwood Cinema Solutions, please go to http://www.Dashwood3D.com

Stereo3D Toolbox, Stereo3D CAT, the Dashwood 3D Chart, and Stereo3D Visualizer are trademarks of Dashwood Cinema Solutions, a division of 11 Motion Pictures Limited. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and products mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

Press Contact
Dashwood Cinema Solutions Erin Shields
(email) erin@dashwood3d.com


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