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Unlock the power of QR Codes® in Motion, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

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Directly reach your customers with one simple scan.

From website promos to real estate listings, in the mall or on the subway, QR Codes® in your videos can direct customers to any website or product. They can be used on any digital signage for mobile shopping, contests, secret messages, special promotions and more. The possibilities are endless.

2D Barcode

Watch the video to see how easy it is to do yourself.

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    Unlimited uses in digital signage.

    Unlike old-fashioned, one-dimensional bar codes that are difficult to read and limited to a short string of numbers or letters, 2D barcodes can contain loads of information in a small square, and can easily be read by the camera on a smartphone. The 2D Barcode generator plugin for Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro creates QR Codes®, the most popular type of 2D barcode. Numerous QR Code® reader apps are available for virtually every smartphone. QR codes® also benefit from excellent error correction, allowing for compression errors or even logos to be placed on top of them.

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  • 2D Barcode has many more features to offer so download and install the free trial from FxFactory and then check out the user guide and Video Tutorial.

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    2D Barcode

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